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GENKAI 4 - Riding on the Clouds

Esta es con mucho la más sencilla de todas. Maat te da cuatro frases que hipoteticamente identifican un NPC. Hay uno en cada ciudad principal y uno en las Outlands, y las frases son totalmente aleatorias. Aquí las tienes todas:

San d'Oria

A faithful-to-the-parents son with a sick mother

South San d'Oria, Moves, Raminel

It is the wife of cooking length at Elvaan

South San d'Oria, D-6, Sobane

The girl who prays an elder brother's safety

North San d'Oria, F-7, Taurette

The boy who is always breathing stinking out

North San d'Oria, J-8, Maloquedil

The moratorium youth who wavers in employment near the warehouse of Port

Port San d'Oria, H-10, Sheridan

The old man who strives for warehouse watch in a company organization

Port San d'Oria, H-10, Fontoumant

The vice-captain who makes a Nirvana slash mortal work

Port San d'Oria, H-8, Brifalien

The sister of Elvaan who establishes a store in outskirts

Port San d'Oria, J-8, Rugiette


The initial pioneer of PalboroughMines

Bastok Mines, J-6, Babenn

Housesitting of the house of a dull rucksack

Bastok Markets, E-11, Gwill

The woman who coordinates Bronze Subligar in Robe

Bastok Markets, K-9, Brygid

The girl who holds inferiority complex in Mythril Musketeer elder sister

Port Bastok, J-5, Kaede

The woman who lost the husband in the accident of Palborough Mines

Port Bastok, E-6, Hilda

The porter representing Bastok

Metalworks, J-8, Naji

Such a silent and blunt researcher that it becomes that it is likely to be referred to as Silent Mountain

Metalworks, G-8, Raibaht

The man who feels a crisis for technical unbalance of Bastok and is promoting research of magic

Metalworks, J-9, Lucius


The inside of the child of Mithra most merit the head a girl with that right

Windurst Waters, (N) K-6, Koko Lihzeh

The man with a sharp discerning eye who perceives the right and wrong of NETA

Windurst Waters, (S) C-11, Naiko-Paneiko

The woman to whom the name as a child considers meditation as work by the "wonderful girl"

Windurst Waters, (S)J-8, Kerutoto

The child always alienated by everybody

Port Windurst, Warehouse, H-5, Shanruru

The man who will be enraged if called a "cap pony deer"

Windurst Woods, Manustery, H-10 Boizo-Naizo

Frog is favorite and the woman who does not have an eye especially in Elshimo Frog.

Windurst Woods, Guard, K-10, Sola Jaab

The authority of reconstruction of a magic doll

Windurst Walls, Aurastery, E-7, Koru-Moru

The woman who does not have an eye in Rolanberry

Heavens Tower - Kupipi

Other Places

The someone else's wife of the amnesia which is in ClothcraftGuild

Selbina, H-9, Mathilde

The child of Galka good at hide-and-seek

Selbina, I-7, Vobo

The old man who began to keep the sheep purposely in order to get good wool

Selbina, I-9, Melyon

The pupil of ZARUDON very detailed to a fish

Selbina, Guild, Gabwaleid

The woman whose fiance is in Selbina

Mhaura, G-8, Celestina

The small mayor of a small town

Mhaura, F-9, Ekokoko

Although not met, it is a man detailed to a pirate.

Mhaura, G-9, Bihoro-Guhoro

The child who is wanting to become the bottom of the hand of a monster

Mhaura, H-9, Jilkka-Abukka

Una vez encuentras el NPC le tienes que tradear un Kindred Seal (de esos que te dan los mobs al matarlos a level alto) y él te corresponde con un Key Item. Cuando tengas los 4 ve a Maat y finalizas la quest.


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